About The Listening Passport

We are in very uncertain times, which people’s wellbeing and mental health is vulnerable.

Like many people I am in lockdown with my family and due to the circumstances, I have begun to reassess my place in family and society.

At times like this we need activity to stimulate ourselves, to keep focused on the positive and to engaged in our senses with each other. In the light of this isolation being implemented on us I have designed a listening passport. This can be done alone, or as a family intergenerational activity.

This is a creative wellbeing tool allowing for the user to re-engage and reassess through focused listening tasks with their own sonic environment by challenging a new point of listening and identify sounds that they can value as hopeful and positive sounds.

We all have unique sounds in our own homes, ones which may have surrounded us for years. But how many have we really took time to pause and value? How many contribute to our own happiness? What about sounds we have never noticed before prior to the lockdown. In this unique situation we now have time to be sonic detectives in our own homes.

Consider : the relaxing hum of your fridge, the way the tap squeaks when it is turned off , the toy box being opened quickly , Lego being spilt , the slide of the bedroom window , our loved one walking in a room above us, the owl that moves near the house at 2am, the birds that now seem more active since we are in doors, the small tree in the garden who’s leaves are moving.

We all have our own set of sounds and now is the time to reassess our sonic environment both in and outside.

The Listening Passport document is the same size as a passport available online that isolated members of public can access and contains tasks related to listening and position and positive emotion.

This specially designed document will allow for immersive and reflective listening to the isolated environment, helping to gather assets and the responses from this will allow sound artist Justin Wiggan to produced a national sound map of listening life under isolation, this sound piece will then be shared on all platforms and broadcasted on radio .

A unique, massive artist and public collaboration which will become a historic document for the future.

link to instagram : thelisteningpassport

email : morrisoto@yahoo.com